Academic Discipline


The disciplinary Committee is a standing body of the college convened to resolve issues malpractice and misconduct in the campus. The committee consists of the principal, two other members are nominated/Elected at the N.T. meeting. In order to fulfill its objective the commitee has formulated the following guidelines.

Rules & Guidelines of the Committee

A) Malpractice & misconduct of an academic nature such as

  • Restoring to any kind of unfair/irregular means during any examination.
  • Multilating library books.

are condemned and show caused on being reported. the discplinary committee, chaired by the principal has the sole discretionary powers.

B) Non-Academic/ Behavioral offences such as

i) Forging signature and taking documents.

ii) Destroying any property of the college due to careless and callous handling.

iii) Indiscriminate use of mobile/camera phones or any other means harmful to socvial harmony are condemned and show caused on being reported.

Punishment for offences includes imposition of suitable fines, demand for replacement of destroyed equipment.

C) Offences relating to irregularity of attendance are carefully examined and show caused.

D) Use of Mobile Phone’s is strictly prohibited in the college premises during college hours.


Admission of a student in this college implies adherences to the presccribed code of conduct and observance of the rules laid down by the college. Full co-operation in this regard is sought from the guardians. Any student who fails to abide by these conditions will not be accomodated.


  1. The students shall maintain discpline inside and outside the class rooms.
  2. The students must be punctual an regular in attending classes.
  3. Students must come to the college descently attired. Their dress demeanour under no circumstances shall be unbecoming of a student attending an educational institution.
  4. Students must not use cell phones inside the college buildings. Violation of this rule will be penalised by confiscation of the of the mobile set.
  5. Student must consult the College Notice Board everyday and comply, failing which the college will not be responsible for any inconvenience faced by them.
  6. Students must bring the identity card (issued by the College) everyday. They must whenever required for any official work
  7. No student is allowed to attend coaching classes, join other courses of study or engage herself in any other activity, whatsoever, during college hours.
  8. Attendance at college examination and tutorials is compulsory for the students.
  9. Students must maintain decent and cordial relationship with the faculty and staff and amongst themselves.
  10. Students must paticipate in all extra-curricular activities organized by the institution.


  • Students Shall strictly abide by the Rules and Regulations of the college.
  • Students shall not, by their act or conduct, demonstrate any disrespect to the Principal, teaching or non-teaching staff of the college.
  • Students shall not by their act or conduct, cause damage to th reputation of the institution.
  • Students shall not cause damage of property or financial loss to the college. In the event the college suffers any damage or loss, financial or otherwise, the concerned student will be liable for compensation of such loss.
  • Proposals for students’ welfare and appeals for solution of problems connected with academic and co-curricular activities in the college shall be submitted in writing either to the Principal or to the Convenor, Students’ Welfare Sub-Committee. The decision of the Principal in such matters will be final.
  • Students shall not in any manner try to influence or interfere with any decision taken by the academic bodies and the authority of the college.
  • A Student may submit a written representation to the college authrity for redressal of grievance, if any. The decision of the of the college authority, in such matters shall be final.
  • A student shall not commit or cause breach of peace inside and around the college campus.


Minimum percentage of attendance required by a student in the degree course is 75% of the lectures delivered in each subjects including tutorials and practical classes in accordance with the Regulations of the Calcutta University.

A student attending less than 75% but more than 60% of the lectures delivered in any subject will be allowed to fill in the forms for appearing in the B.A./B.Sc. final examinations only on payment of fees prescribed by the Calcutta University for condonation short percentage.

A student who attends less than 60% of te lectures delivered in any subject will not, under any circumstance, be allowed to fill in forms for the B.A./B.Sc. final Examinations.