Four awards have been instituted from this year with endowment created out of donations received from three retired teachers and the present Principal. The purpose of these awards is to inculcate competitiveness among the students for the betterment of their performances in the university examinations and also to create awareness among them about their cultural history and heritage.

Prof. Pranab Kumar Dasgupta, retired Selection Grade lecturer in English, has donated Rs. 5000/- in memory of his venerable teacher Late Prof. Anil Mukhopadhyay for awarding a prize to a student obtaining highest marks in English honours in the final public examination.

Prof.. Purnendu Guha, ex-Selection Grade lecturer in Political Science, has donated Rs. 5000/- in memory of Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee, the tiger of Bengal, for awarding a prize to a student securing highest marks in Political Science in the University final examination.

Dr. Samaresh Majumdar, retired Reader in Bengali, has donated Rs. 5000/- for awarding a prize to a student securing highest marks in Bengali in loving memory of his father late Sailesh Chandra Majumdar.

Sri Gokul Chandra Das, the retired Principal, has donated Rs. 10, 000/- for creating an endowment to award a prize to a student securing highest marks in any subject, Honours or General, in the University final examination for the year in memory of Dwarakanath Vidyabhusan, the editor of famous 19th century Bengali journal ‘Somprakash’.

The value of the prizes will be equivalent to the interest accrued annually to the donations and will be distributed to the receipients in the annual cultural programme of the college.


In order to apply for a stipend or free/Half free studentship the student must apply to the principal of the college. Ten percent students passing in the first or second division are awarded full and half free studentship respectively by the G.B. subject to the usual rules and conditions. Application can be made on a plain paper and must be accompanied by two certificates from respectable persons, regarding the financial condition of the applicants’ family. Special attention is given to the progress and attendance of stipend holders. Each year a few one-time Grants are awarded to needy students by Students Welfare Committee for buying books and partially financing college educational excursions.

Longer absence for reasons other than illness will entail loss of Scholarship for the whole period.