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The college has a central library with open access system. It has nearly 9700 books which includes both texts books and other reference books including some reputed journals. The library has a Book Bank facility for use by the poor and meritorious students. Facilities like reprography reading rooms etc. are available inside the library. Daily Newspapers and Employment News are also available in the library. Moreover, each department has its own departmental library for the requirement of the students and the teachers of the department.

library - sonarpur mahavidyalaya

On payment of the library deposit each student will be provided with a library card (against which books will be issued) which is strictly non-transferable. During their off-periods or of other times including summer recess. Students may read Text & reference books etc. available in the library. They can also borrow books as available in the stock for home use, subject to observance of the Rules and Regulations of the college library.

Every students has free access to browse, pick up, read and borrow books directly from the rack. Students must behave responsibility and cooperate with the library staff of make the new system successful. Rules for the return of books are to be strictly followed. Students will be allowed to keep books lent to them up to 7 days at the most. If he/she fails in return the books by this time a fine of Rs. 2.00(two) has to be paid by the defaulting student for each day.

There has been a welcome addition to the College Library i.e. setting up of a new section, CAREER CORNER, of relevant journals magazines especially for aspiring students both current and former welling to crack SSC, WBCS, PSC Examinations. The students can make use of those materials to build up their career:


Sl.No. Subject No. of Books
2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13
1 Bengali 2163 2197 2369 2377 2386
2 Commerce 784 784 803 813 863
3 Computer Science 79 79 124 144 149
4 Economics 155 180 190 191 231
5 Education 522 559 579 602 670
6 English 493 496 571 592 634
7 Geography 623 647 703 729 830
8 History 1363 1378 1427 1438 1537
9 Philosophy 773 858 875 884 945
10 Political Science 443 476 489 489 503
11 Bio Science 461 474 509 513 513
12 Mathematics 43 85 102 113 113
13 Physics 8 27 35 39 39
14 Physical Education 0 37 43 52 69
15 Sociology 0 25 38 43 66
16 Misc 107 107 107 107 107
Total 8017 8409 8964 9126 9655

Library Rules

  • Students should collect their library cards within 30 days from the date of admission.
  • Students are responsible for the books they use.
  • No marks of defacement of any kind may be made in any of the library. Damage of any kind will be fined in proportion to damage done.
  • Books lost must be replaced.
  • If the library card is lost Rs. 20/- will be charged for a new one.
  • Books must be returned by the students within the date specified on the book lable. A fine of Rs. 2/- has to be paid by the defaulting student for each day’s delay. If the book is not returned even after a month from the date of issue, the matter will be reported to the Principal for such action as may be deemed necessary.
  • Not more than one book at a time can be issued to a General course student, Honours students may have the benefit of borrowing two books at a time.
  • Costly and rare Reference books are not to be taken out of the library without the written order of the proper authority.
  • Books are not issued for use at home during the Summer Recess. Only the Honours students, on application, can be allowed to borrow books for use during the Puja Vacation.
  • Card must be surrendered and clearance certificate must be obtained before filling up the form for Degree Part-I, Part-II or Part-III Examination.