Students’ Union

Like all colleges administered according to the C.U. status Sonarpur Mahavidyalaya has a democratically elected Students’ Union whose office bearers are selected from among elected class Representatives. The General Secretary of the Student’s Union is a member of the College Governing Body. The main activities of this Union are

  • To guide and assist freshers.
  • To organise different cultural and social programs throughout the year.
  • To organise outdoor and indoor sports competitions.
  • To maintain healthy communication between teaching and non-teaching staff and students.
  • To provide academic interest of the students.
  • *To publish Annual Magazine and Wall Magazine in due course.
  • To conduct all academic Tours and Field work through out the year.

In fact, the students Union is the platform for the students of different communities and religious faith, the student’s Union is the platform for the students of different communities are religious faiths to come together for a common cause. In general the Union arranges the different functions with the help and co-operation of teachers. The teachers also lend their assistance in the publicatin of the college Magazine which provides a forum to the students to express their literary talent and capacity for innovative thinking.