2nd Meeting of IQAC


Ref. No. IQAC/002 – dt. 01.07.2015

To All members

Dear Sir/Madam,

The 2nd meeting of the IQAC will be held on 7th July 2015, Tuesday at 1.00 p.m. in the Principal’s Room to consider the agenda mentioned below.

Thank you,

Yours truly,

Coordinator, IQAC
Sonarpur Mahavidyalaya


  1. Preparation and submission of the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) for the last academic year (2014-2015).
  2. Academic activities of various departments of the college.
  3. Status and function of NCC and NSS of the college.
  4. Career advancement of faculty members.
  5. Preparation of comprehensive proformae for collecting data from teachers.
  6. Suggestions for future activities
  7. Miscellaneous.


Members present:

1.Chairperson-Dr.Ujjal Ray.
2.Cooordinator-Sakunkantala Das
3.Debdutta Bhaduri
4.Madhab Naskar
5.Arindam Garai

The meeting was presided over by Principal Dr. Ujjal Ray.

  1. 1. Minutes of the previous IQAC meeting were confirmed.
  2. 2. Resolved that the issue of inclusion of new members to IQAC would be referred to the Governing Body.
  3. 3. Noted that IQAC has already appraised the evaluation and assessment of Nikhil Sardar’s (Librarian) career advancement proposal and testimonials.

    Found that the following teachers have not yet submitted their testimonials for review and subsequent appraisals for career advancement.
    i) DebduttaBhaduri
    ii) Soumitra Das
    iii) MahuaPatraPurkait
    iv) MadhabNaskar
    The incumbents are requested to submit their testimonials to the IQAC as early as possible.

  4. 4. Resolved that the AQAR (2014 – 2015) be prepared at an early date. For this purpose, the members of IQAC would meet twice a week for the coming two successive weeks.
  5. 5. Resolved that IQAC would prepare a proforma for collecting relevant necessary data from teachers for preparation of AQAR (2014-2015).Other necessary information would be collected from office and library.
  6. 6. Resolved that various honours and general departments of the college might hold interactive sessions with parents at least twice in a year.
  7. 7. Resolved that the students would be encouraged to provide their feed-back for various classes. The feed-back format for both the students and their parents would be prepared by IQAC at an early date.
  8. 8. Resolved that IQAC would send teacher-representatives to different schools in the neighborhood to meet + 2 level students to motivate and encourage them in joining our institution.
  9. 9. Resolved that the authorities would be requested to take necessary steps to upgrade the existing two honours departments- Bengali and Computer Science to post-Graduate level and also to introduce honours courses in Botany, Zoology and Mathematics from the coming academic session(2016-2017)
  10. 10. Resolved that steps would be taken to re-introduce Career Counseling Cell at the earliest.
  11. 11. Resolved that a new institutional e-journal would be introduced. The progress in this matter would be discussed in the next meeting.
  12. 12. Resolved that some specific proposals for improvement in institutional functioning be brought for discussion in the next meeting.

Prof. Sakuntala Das
Coordinator, IQAC,
Sonarpur Mahavidyalaya